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US to Norway for less.

Quick, reliable shipment & delivery of
American online purchases to Norway
is simple & safe.

Why shop and ship with us

  • Great prices in US online stores
  • Shop stores that don’t sell or ship to Norway
  • We help you find the best deals
  • Largest FedEx discounts available through our relationship
  • Consolidated shipment
  • Eliminate all paperwork
  • Products on your door in 7 days
    (7 days from payment of shipping costs)

How It Works

Step 1

Register & order from
your favorite websites

  • Create a free account to get a US shipping address. Start shopping. We can also Shop4You.

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Step 2

Send your items to our secure warehouse

  • Ship all your purchases to our secure warehouse located at your US shipping address. We’ll consolidate and send you a PayPal invoice for shipping, MVA, and customs costs.

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Step 3

We send them to your
door in Norway

  • We’ll send your purchases directly to your door in Norway within 7 days of receipt of shipping payments.

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